Photography is a language. Pictures allow people to share about the beautiful and ordinary. I take commercial shots that help people display what they make or do. I also take pictures for myself, for memory and sharing: fine art images. I hope you will find pictures here, either commercial or fine art, that speak to you.

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© John H Siskin PhotoID# 1864759: Title: What? Beings (15)
Images of people and animals.

© John H Siskin PhotoID# 2097106: Rainbow Abstract and Micro Images (20)
Images of the small and very small, may of these images are beyond the the point of recognition as a normal object.

© John H Siskin PhotoID# 1975435: Union Station, Los Angeles #1 Buildings (50)
Images of the works of men and women creating spaces for home and work

© John H Siskin PhotoID# 1865217: Flowers/Newsprint Flowers and Plants (9)

© John H Siskin PhotoID# 2790085: El Matador Beach, Southern California Land and Sea Scapes (15)
Images of the natural world

© John H Siskin PhotoID# 1864754: Title: Martini/Rocks Still Life (6)
Images of objects that caught my interest.

     © John H Siskin  

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